There is Hope For You

Founded  in 1999 by  Syaviha Mulengya   in  order  to help  people to Discover, Decide  and  Develop their potential, purpose and passion  by using Radio, Music, Television, Written material, Internet, Drama and Seminars.

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About US

There Is Hope For You is a Christ centered Ministry with aim of sharing a message of Hope, Harmony and Healing .

Luke 4:18-19 ~ “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” NIV
Hosea 4:6 ~ “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” NIV
Jeremiah 31:16-17  ~ “So there is hope for your future,’ declares the LORD.” NIV


Our purpose is sharing a message of hope, harmony and healing. By helping people discover, decide and develop their potential, purpose and passion by revealing who they are and who God is and how He can transform lives through faith.


To see hope, harmony and healing in people’s hearts , homes and communities , resulting in stronger government and countries that glorify God.


Our Motivation

The challenges of life have left many people, hopeless, helpless and heartbroken. That is why There Is Hope for You seeks to offer the message of hope, healing, and harmony. My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hosea4:8). The lack of knowledge leads to messes, mediocrity and misconduct. Through our teaching we seek to address problems that teenagers, youth, single people and couples are facing.   

A Word

From Our Director

” We believe that people need to Discover who God is and that they are created in His the image, they are able to live with courage, confidence and commitment.
Nothing can happen until you decide. There Is Hope For You seeks to inform, inspire and instruct so that one is able to Decide how to choose, commit and carry out their God’s given purpose. The best decision one can make is to give his or her life to Christ. “

– Syaviha Mulengya

Motto: Do Not Give Up! God is able, reliable and available

What we do

Our Ministries

We are compelled to do the will of God (Psalm40:8). We believe we are born to bless; we were created to connect with God and His people. Each one of us has a purpose to accomplish. What motivates us as a ministry is to solve problems, serve and show the love of God.


Radio Ministry

We produce radio messages that are aired every day. Our messages are aired in about 20 radio stations in D. R. Congo. In the radio Ministry our aim is to Encourage, Educate and Empower. 

Television Ministry

We prepare and produce television programs that we share with television stations and put up fo free on Youtube.  Our aim is to teach, train and transform lives through television ministry. 

Drama & Theatre Ministry

We write scripts that dramatize and record stories in order educate and inform. We produced a film in 1999. Vita ni Mubuya (War is Bad)

Writing Ministry

Brochures: We write and print brochures that we give away free of charge
Books: We have books for teenagers, youth, singles, parents, couples and motivational books.
Our aim in the writing Ministry is to help people Discover who God is, how He can transform lives and help them Decide and Develop into godly people.

Music Ministry

We compose songs and record them in music albums. Our Aim in the Music ministry is the Celebrate the goodness of God, Counsel people and Comfort them.

Online Ministry

We use the internet to reach out to people. We use social media and our web site to share a message of hope, harmony and peace. In the Online Ministry we seek to listen , lift up and lead people to Christ and in the right direction.

Seminars / Talks

We minister through conferences and talks.
Through our seminars we want to invite people to Christ give them the truth of God’s Word and inspire them.



Our News & Stories

We believe everyone is important and has a purpose to accomplish in life. As a ministry, we equip, empower and encourage people so they can Develop (grow) and become Focused, Faithful and Fruitful.


Factors of FailureThere are  several  things that  can lead  one  to  fail, I will talk  about 6 Fs Fear; Fear is the enemy of success; it is a weapon that the devil uses to frustrate you so that you don’t start, continue and finish. Fear kills vision and stops your...

Obey God and live There is danger when  you  do  not obey  God, you miss , mess up and make  the wrong  decision , Obey  God  you will experience  His power, presence and peace  

Relax God is at work Relax , God is able, reliable and available. Rely on God, Remember His Promises and Refuse to give up, there is  hope for you

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Location: Kenya, Congo DR, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, France.

Telephone: +254722539397 or +254734125250


School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm