Do Not Give Up! God is able, reliable and available

The story of There Is Hope For You

There Is Hope For You is a Christ centered Ministry with aim of sharing a message of Hope, Harmony and Healing .

Luke 4:18-19 ~ “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” NIV
Hosea 4:6 ~ “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” NIV
Jeremiah 31:16-17  ~ “So there is hope for your future,’ declares the LORD.” NIV


Our purpose is sharing a message of hope, harmony and healing. By helping people discover, decide and develop their potential, purpose and passion by revealing who they are and who God is and how He can transform lives through faith.


To see hope, harmony and healing in people’s hearts , homes and communities , resulting in stronger government and countries that glorify God.



We believe everyone is important and deserves:

Hope: Life is full of challenges, crises and complications. You need hope to live. Hope encourages us to aim at something, act with courage and achieve our plan. When a person loses hope, he may miss his mission, meaning and miracle. With hope people are able to start, stand and succeed.

Harmony: One needs peace within, with God and with other people. Wherever people are, problems can emerge. Though we may disagree, we should not despise one another. Though we differ we should not distance ourselves. Though we disappoint one another, we should not destroy one another. We need to make sure we live in peace and unity by loving and respecting everyone because everyone is valuable in God’s eyes. Where there is harmony there is peace, progress and prosperity.

Healing: When a person is strong inside, he or she will be stable outside. Your soul, mind and heart need healing from past wounds. Our soul, mind and heart affect our physical, emotional and mental being. We all have suffered either from our past, present situation or from poor perception. If one is not healed, they can hurt themselves, harm other people. That is why There Is Hope For You Ministry is dedicated to encourage, empower and equip people in order to bring healing to the person, homes and communities.


We are working with different churches and organizations in providing programs for:

TEENAGERS/ YOUTH:  We focus on 3 “A’s”: Attitude, Associations and Actions. This is a 21 Day program to help transform lives. The program is based on a book called Secrets for Teen and Youth

SINGLES:  There are three type of singles: Searching singles, Settled singles and Situational singles. We focus on 3 “P’s”– Purpose, Plan and Preparation. It is a 21 Day program of solutions for singles, based on our books called Secrets for Singles.

COUPLES: We focus on our 3 “C’s”– Care, Commitment and Communication. We run a 21day program to promote happy and healthy marriages and is based on our book Men Are Crying and Women Are Weeping.


Syaviha Mulengya is a mentor, motivational speaker, media personality, musician and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His great passion is sharing a message of hope, harmony and healing. In 1999, he started the There Is Hope For You that works with teenagers, youth, singles and married couples, helping them to Discover Truth that can help them Decide and Develop their potentials, purpose and passion in life. He has been in the ministry for over eighteen years. He holds a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Peace and Reconciliation from Daystar University in Kenya. For Syaviha, everyone is very important despite their past, present situation and perception. He believes that we all need hope in order to start, stand and succeed in life. His plan is to train and teach in order to transform society. His unique style of three points makes his messages easy to remember.

Syaviha’s articles, music, daily devotions, television and radio programs are a blessing to many around the world. Some of the books he has authored are: Men Are Crying And Women Are Weeping, Secrets For The Singles, Enjoy Your Life, You Have Bright Future; Do Not Give Up; How To Make Your Spouse Happy, Secrets For Happiness, Secrets For Teens And Youths, Secrets For Parents, A Happy Wife Makes Amazing Husband, Forgive and Be Free and many more. Syaviha is married to Rafiki Kavuya Syaviha, a Gospel musician, with whom they have three children; Blessed, Best and Brilliance.



Through past generous support, we have managed make progress in our ministry:

We air our radio programs in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and D. R. Congo. We have also managed to Record over 1000 audio messages that are being aired in more than twenty radio stations in D. R. Congo.

We have printed and distributed over two hundred thousand brochures since 1999. We have written brochures on different topics that we have distributed in 14 countries in Africa and the United States of America. Here are some the brochures we have written
*Forgive and be Free, *Hate Hatred, *Peace Is Precious, *We Are One, *Why Me, *You Are Not Forgotten, *Enjoy Your Youth, *Enjoy Your Life, *Everyone Needs Love, *Just Trust, *Take a Step of Faith, *It Is Not Yet Your End, *Watch Yourself, *Wake Up and Work, *Weigh Your Words, *Danger of Anger and many more

We have written over twelve books, some that are yet to be published

We have four music albums: Rafiki Bora, Tarajia Mema, Acha Niseme, Twaombea Nchi Yetu• We have four music albums: Rafiki Bora, Tarajia Mema, Acha Niseme, Twaombea Nchi Yetu.

We share regular daily devotions: to over 10,000 people on Whatsapp. These daily devotion are in three languages ; English, Swahili and French. If you wish to receive our daily devotion on whatsapp send us your no +254734125250. We have a blog that inspires and encourages people.



  • Going around the globe teaching about our 21 day programs for teens, youth, singles and couples.
  • Broadcast our radio and television programs world wide
  • Present music concerts around the world
  • Provide opportunities for prayer and praise 24hours daily
  • Print our books and brochures and translate them in different languages
  • Own radio and television channels

Please consider to Pray and partner with us. Your donation will help us reach people with a message of hope, healing and harmony.