SYAVIHA & Rafiki

Our goals

We want to minister every minute. Every minute someone is listening, watching and reading our messages of hope, healing and harmony.

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Our Books

Our books are a blessing to many

Men Are Crying, Women are weeping

Men Are Crying, Women are weeping

Peaceful marriage leads to happiness, hope and harmony. A Happy marriage does not just happen; it requires courage, commitment, communication, collaboration and confidence. Each partner has a role to play. In this book; Men Are Crying and Women Are Weeping, Syaviha Mulengya discusses the: · Ten secrets of a happy marriage (10Ts). · Six best ways to safeguard your marriage (6Ss). · Sixteen threats to a marriage (16Cs) · Twelve mistakes married couples make (12Ss) and; · Five secrets of a happy and healthy marriage (5Cs). · Thirteen reasons why men are crying and women are weeping. This book will help couples discover and maintain a successful marriage. It will also guide single people in choosing the right life partners and prepare them well for a healthy and happy marriage.

Secrets for the Singles

Secrets for the Singles

This is your time, treasure it and manage it well. You need to watch your attitude, association and action. These will determine your success or failure in life. Secrets For The Singles, is one of the powerful books that will transform your life. In this book, Syaviha Mulengya discusses ; • The Sources of stress among singles and the best solutions 11Ls. • The secrets of Happiness in life. • How to make a person fall in love with you and marry you 8Gs. • Thirteen dangerous signs in a relationship and marriage 13Ps. • The Nine guidelines on how to choose the best life partner 9 Hs. • How to prepare and plan for a successful wedding. • Thirteen Secrets on how to become more romantic and enjoy your relationship or marriage 13Ss. Secrets for the Singles is an advice to singles, an answer to the couples on how to build a happy marriage. 

You have a bright Future

You have a bright Future

You Have Bright Future, Do Not Give Up, You need to believe it , begin to act and be brave. Refuse to be discouraged, deceived and distracted if you want to see great things happening in your life. Giving up in life, is losing your miracle that is why you need to remain firm, focused and faithful. In This book; You Have a Bright Future Do Not Give Up, Syaviha Mulengya comes up with • Eight reasons why you should not give up in life, the 8Ps. • Why you should not take No for an answer and how to recharge yourself every day. • Seven things that you need to do when things do not go the way you were expecting, the 6Cs • Twelve principles that will help to remain focused, fruitful and fearless in life , 12Fs This book will help you handle different situations in life.