Pillars of success

Success is very much possible.  Let us talk about 8Ps of success.  

Planning, think before you act. Sit and plan well if want to succeed. Good plan lead to prosperity (Prov21:6). Weight your steps. Don’t rush, plan well.

Passion, value and love what you do. Do it with courage. Give it your best. Be enthusiast and act with courage. Passion and determination will take you to great places. Have the zeal and at your zeal add knowledge (Prov19:2).

Purpose, have a clear vision. Vision calls for decision, determination, discipline and discernment. You have a great vision refused to be distracted, deceived, depressed and discouraged. Value and protect your vision. Without vision people perish (Prov.29:18)

 Peace, be at peace with yourself, people around you and with your Maker. When you have peace, you will plan well, progress and prosper. Don’t hurt or hate people, if you expect success treat people with respect, turn from evil, do well, and seek peace (Psalm34:14).

Perception, you need positive attitude   to be able to progress. Your attitude will determine your decision, overcome failure mind. Watch your words encourage yourself   and confess what is positive and you will possess it.

Push, sowing a seed is not enough, you need to take care of it and see it growing and produce fruits. Follow up what  you have  started, many are  good  at start something  but they  don’t  follow up,  the lost the  harvest because  they did  not take care of   seed

Prayer, asking God guidance, He knows everything He will help you   to go far and reach your dream. Submit to God and wait upon Him.

Perseverance, you  need  to  start and  continue , never  give up, nor lose  faith and  focus even  when  you are  discouraged.  Be Patient. Stand the heat and refuse to quit, when it hot, hold on.  The beginning may be hard, decide to persevere.  What you get after sweat it sweet and you can sustain it.

By  Syaviha Mulengya


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