In this world people pursue happiness. You need to understand what
really gives happiness, you need to understand what life is about: There
are three important things to consider:
i. Purpose.
ii. Peace.
iii. Pleasing God.
Finding your purpose gives you:
a. Direction, you know who you are and what you want and where
you are heading.
b. Drive: it gives you courage and passion to work and walk in life.
c. Decision: you are able to make the right choices in life and you are
able to say no to distraction.
Finding peace of mind is very crucial. It enables you to:
a. Plan.
b. Progress.
c. Profit.
We all need peace in order to progress.
a. Possession can never provide peace.
b. Power cannot offer peace.
c. Pleasure cannot lead to peace.
d. Profit cannot guarantee peace.
e. People will not give you peace.
f. Position will not provide peace.
g. Prestige does not give peace.
Stop looking for happiness in practices, people and places, you will be
disappointed. Many went into marriage thinking that marriage will
make them happy, today they are crying. Those they thought
would give them happiness broke their heart. Happiness
comes from within. Discover what brings happiness. Stop
looking for happiness in people. It is about your attitude. Do not worry about what people say. Pleasing God is another very important reason. You were created
by God, live for Him. You need to remain connected with God if you
want to enjoy your life. When you run away from God, you will not
find joy.

Pleasing God gives you: Happiness comes within. Discover what brings
happiness. Stop looking for happiness in people.

Pleasing  God gives: 
a. Hope.
b. Health.
c. Happiness.
Whether single or married, for a person to be happy you must
consider these three things – find your purpose, peace of mind and
please God.

By Syaviha Mulengya ,   from the  book Secrets For  The Singles

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