You can build and break your own marriage.  It is easy to break and hard to build. It is possible to have a peaceful marriage that you enjoy. Understand, appreciate, forgive, respect, love and communicate with your partner. Do what it takes to build a peaceful and happy marriage.

  1. Dream; have a vision for your marriage. How  to  you want  your marriage to be. Work hard  to make  your dream a reality. Work on your marriage day by  Evaluate your marriage.
  2. Desire; develop passion and affection for one another (Song3). Your partner is priority. Give them the  right place they deserve. Think of qualities not their mistakes.
  3. Decide; make the right decision. Think twice and be wise. Whatever  you  either in secret remember it can affect  your marriage. Make the  right choices.
  4. Determination; Marriage have challenges but be strong and courageous (Joshua1:7-8). Never give up on your marriage,  do your best. Despite  the  discouragement, be kind to your partner. When your partner hurt you, be patient with them.
  5. Dedication; be committed to your promises and vows. Remember  your promises you gave to your partner.
  6. Discernment; be able to say no to what can break your marriage. You are married to build not break. Always take time to pray for your partner. They  need your prayer. Remember the  devil want  to destroy marriage. Fight  the  devil not  your partner. Stand firm against every attack of the enemy (1 Peter5:8).
  7. Discipline; set your boundaries. Control your  action and reactions. Be  able  to  say  no  what is evil, what can break  your marriage.  Act with wisdom, know what  to do, when to do it and how  to  do it.
  8. Dependence; trust your partner and depend on God.

Things that can easily break your marriage,

  1. Disagreement; quarrel make a marriage painful and stressful. Be  willing to listen  to your partner’s opinion. Do not despise their advice. Humble yourself for the sake of peace in your marriage. Reason together.
  2. Disobedient; lack of submission and love break homes, you don’t want to be asked questions, cooperate with partner they have the right to know.
  3. Dishonest; when you don’t tell the truth. Be open to your partner. Do  not do thing behind  their back, you will hurt them. You are one, live in unity, because where there unity there is blessing.
  4. Discouragement; lack of appreciation, harsh words and humiliation break relationship. Encourage one other. Be a  blessing to your partner.
  5.  Doubt; suspicions make marriage unhappy. Learn to trust one other. If there is something, talk  about it. When  you are  talking  about issue of suspicion, speak with humility, love and wisdom. Do not accuse  your partner, you will be breaking their heart. Communicate , do not  fight. Your partner has  the  right  to ask. Answer them with wisdom.
  6. Distraction; forget your priorities and lose focus. Know  your  duties. Do what is  required of you. Some people instead of loving their partners, they think a lust  for other people. Your partner  deserves  the best. Do not make  your partner the last but the  first.  Treat your partner  the way you would like  them to treat you.
  7. Deception; cheating on your partner.  What makes a marriage work; it is not magic but small things done with love.  Do whatever it takes to make your marriage peaceful.
  8. Disrespect, respect your partner, despite their weakness. When you do not respect  your partner you break their heart as result  you break your marriage. Speak with your partner  with respect and  wisdom. Use  words  that build not break. Treat with respect they deserve the best.  


By Syaviha Mulengya
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