Don’t take people for granted. They deserve respect love, appreciation, comfort and encouragement. Correct in love; don’t accuse and abuse them. Answer with humility (Prov15:1-2). Treat people with dignity despite their appearance and background. Even if you do not agree with their opinion, respect them. Use appropriate language; not words that hurt harass and humiliate a person. Kind words are like honey, they are sweet to the soul and healthy to the body (Prov16:24). Words are powerful; they can bless and mess, break and build, heal and hurt (James3).  Your words will reveal the type person you are, no good tree bears bad fruits. You will recognize them by their fruits (Luke6:43-44).Many end up quarreling for things they could have agreed on. We are different; we need accept each other, not allow our differences to be a source of conflict.  Warn those who are lazy, encourage the timid, help the weak and be patient with everyone (1Thes5:14). We will have peace with one other if we accept and respect each other.

Despite who you are and what you have, you need people around you.  You are where you are by the grace of God and contribution of people. Acknowledge God for the knowledge and appreciate people.  Treat people with respect, you will be at peace.

By Syaviha Mulengya
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