Discouragement, doubt, distraction, defeat, deception and depression can lead you to failure, the 6Ds


The woman with issue of blood refused to be discouraged despite different attempts. Discouragement can prevent you from accessing success. Those who suppose to encourage may discourage you. People will tell you all sorts of things just to discourage you, deceive you, deter you and divert you. Encourage yourself. No matter how the situation looks, never lose hope. People opinion is not final. Believe God who has the final word and who can never lie to you. Be strong and courageous (Joshua1:6).


She did not doubt. She knew Christ was able. Ask God with faith not with doubt (Matt21:21, James1:6). The devil wants you to doubt God. Doubt discourages, misleads and confuses.  Doubt will keep you from achieving great things. Doubt calls for fear and fear can welcomes failure. Have faith in God.


She was not distracted; she focused on Jesus. If you lose focus, you will miss the purpose. Some have left the right way because of distraction. Not everything that looks good and attractive are very important to you. Think twice and be wise. If you are not wise you mess up. Who do you imitate, Christ is our role model (Eph5:1). Don’t be like them be like Jesus. Fix your eyes on Christ (Heb12:2). Success requires commitment and discipline.


The sickness did not defeat her. Defeat the different issues in your life. The flesh should not control you but live by the Spirit (Gal5:16). Your past experience should not defeat you, forget the former things and focus on your future (Isaiah43:18). Fear should not overpower you. Don’t walk by fear but live by faith. Overcome any evil thoughts, words and actions in your life. God will give you the strength to conquer (Phil4:13).


She refused to be deceived. There is a way that looks good but it leads to death (Prov14:12). Be wise, self controlled, alert, stand firm in faith, and resist the enemy (1Peter5:8).  Don’t believe every spirit test the spirits whether they are from God (1john4:1). Don’t believe lies, rely on God’s word. Know the truth, it will set you free (John8:32). Let the Word of God dwell in you richly (Col3:16).


She refused to be depressed. Though her condition was worsening, she took courage. Depression is a sister to stress. Depression can hinder progress and success. Your situation may look hard to you and men around you but it is never hard before the Mighty God (Mark10:27).


 By  Syaviha Mulengya


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