Success is possible; there is no need to doubt. God is on your side. You will come out of your situation. Have faith and work hard. The 6 steps of success; 6Ds


The woman dreamed to be healed. A person who wants to succeed must have a dream or vision. Your vision dictates your steps and styles. Don’t despise your dream; believe God to help you fulfill it. Start small and start somewhere. Without a vision people perish (Prov29:18). Value your vision. God wants us to dream big, because nothing is impossible to God, He has all that we need.


She desired to be free from her sickness. You can be free from whatever is blocking you. Don’t be comfortable with what is hindering you.  Look for the solution. Don’t wait for thing to happen. You are part of the solution to your problem. Desire the best and trust God for it. God gives us our heart’s desires and makes our plans succeed (Psalm20:4). Do your part, leave to God the rest.


She made a decision to touch Jesus’ garment. She touched it and got healed.  The right decision will lead you to good results. Watch your decision; they will affect your future. Think before you act. Be of good Judgment; don’t be a yes person. Learn to say no to certain things. Choose who to associate with. If you make the wrong choice you will mess and regret.


She was determined. Despite the challenges, remain focused. Discouragement will come from every corner, stand firm. Don’t quit if you want to win. Don’t lose heart even when you are hurt. Encourage yourself move with hope and faith. If you allow fear you will be welcoming failure. Despite your past, work hard. Those who laugh at you will rejoice with you if you are determined. Determination will help you to achieve your vision.


She made the best choice. Be aware of things can contribute to your failure. Your life, marriage, work, reputation, talent and vision are very important, protect, love and pray for them. Don’t destroy what you have built for long. People, practices and places can help you to progress or mislead you. Always choose who to listen to, what to follow and where to go. Have principles that will help you to progress.


She trusted Christ for healing. Let your faith be in God; He is source of success and secret of progress. If you will obey and trust God, you will experience His peace, presence, power, provision and promises. God cares, cures, comforts, counsels and corrects in love. Trust Him for your dream, He is reliable. Put God first He will not let you down (Psalm37:5).


By  Syaviha Mulengya


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