Attitude of winners

You are born to win, you are winners. Winners forget their past failure and work hard to excel.  Winners strive for success; they don’t want to be distracted.  Winners never quit their dream, they perseveres the heat to hit the target. They   work hard to get better than what they lost. They don’t listen to nonsenseWinners believe there is success after failure; they live with hope. They work with courage and determination. Winners lose but they don’t get lost, they endured because they know what is ahead it is bigger than what was behind them. Winners believe in God and themselves. They know they have the key to access success, they don’t throw their keys, and they keep trying until they get it. Winners encourage themselves to go forward, they don’t sit and wait; they make things happen. Winners know the value of success.

By  Syaviha Mulengya



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