Benefit of Word full of  Wisdom the 7H

You are born to build and bless lives. You have no right to neither hurt nor harm. In whatever you do, seek to touch, teach and transform. Your words will assist many to be at peace, prosper, progress and pursue their dreams. There are many benefits that your words can bring we will focus on 7of them I refer to them 7Hs for your words to be beneficial you need to tame your tongue

1. Sweet Words bring Happiness, excitement and joy. If you choose your words carefully, you will bring bliss not sadness.

2. Words of wise lead to Harmony. They unite people, they encourage people to live in love and promote peace.

3.  Wonderful words bring Hope. They encourage people to progress despite challenges. These words motivate, mold and minister to the heart of the person.

4.  Nice Words bring Healing. Some people are downcast by their past. Others are depressed and stressed; they need words that will restore health and peace for them to progress.

5.  In the Words of a wise and godly person there is humility.  Their words are well-mannered, polite and gracious. Humble people used words like I am sorry, forgive me, please, excuse me.

6.  Kind words are helpful; they give direction, advice and help to make the right decision.

7.  Good people have honest words. Their words are sincere and straight.



By  Syaviha Mulengya


Email: syaviha@gmail.com, nenasasa@yahoo.com


Promoting peace, hope, love and unity





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