11 Benefits of Trusting God


There are many benefits of putting your trust in God. Let us talk about ten of that I call 11 Ps.

 1. When you trust God you will please Him, God loves people who trust Him. In the small and big things trust the living God (Heb11:6)

2. When you trust God will experience His Peace that surpasses all understanding (phil4:7). You have peace during hard times.

  1. As you trust in God You will experience His power, deliverance and victorious life (Dan3:26).

4. In trusting God you will experience His provision. God will supply your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil4:19, Eph3:20).

5 As you trust God you will experience His presence; He will not leave nor forget you (Jer23:39).

6. Trusting God helps us to progress, accomplish much for God. He guides our steps and gives us the power to achieve.  God gives us success in the presence of our enemies (Neh6:15)

7. It helps us to enjoy his promises, His promises help us be strong and endure and persevere and get a great reward (Gen12:2-5).

8. Trusting God help us to prevail against the temptation and lies of the devil. We resist and triumph in hard moment (1Pet5:8-9)

9. Trusting God leads to prosperity. Put God first and submit to Him, He will prosper you (Job22:21, Proverbs28:25)

10. Trusting leads praise, trusting God help us have victory instead of failure. It helps us to count our blessing, this lead us to praise and thanksgiving. We will have a song of praise. Trusting God helps us to have testimony that build and touch lives (Acts16:26-36)

  1. When we Trust God, we will experience His protection. He will protect us from harm and evil plan (Psalm 121:3-8).


By  Syaviha Mulengya


Email: syaviha@gmail.com, nenasasa@yahoo.com


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