Factors of Failure

There are  several  things that  can lead  one  to  fail, I will talk  about 6 Fs

 Fear; Fear is the enemy of success; it is a weapon that the devil uses to frustrate you so that you don’t start, continue and finish. Fear kills vision and stops your passion.  It discourages you. It can abort your dream, and hinder you from doing great things. Fear sees the impossibility everywhere and let go great opportunity.   Some people fail where they could have   succeeded because of fear. Evict fear which is a bad tenant invite faith that is one of key to success. Faith sees opportunity, encourages and guides one to do great. Fear is dangerous to our dreams.   It keeps us away from victory.  Those who have made it in life have decided to say NO to fear. They took courage.  It is time to say NO to fear and YES to success.

Faithless; lack faith lead to failure. Where there is no faith, there is doubt, where there is doubt there is no commitment, where no commitment there is failure.  Doubt will hinders you from claiming what is yours.   What you don’t believe in you can give it your time, effort and money. To succeed you must believe in you and trust God.  Success requires faith and sacrifice.   Without faith it hard to please God and receive from Him (Heb11:6, James1:6-7). Whatever you have in your mind, go ahead and do it because God is with you (2Samuel7:3). You have what it takes to achieve great.  You need to aim high. When you settle for less you get nothing.

Fact less; you need enough information to get where you are going. Know your way, what you need.  The lack of knowledge leads to failure. My people perish (fail) because of lack of knowledge (Hosea4:6). Knowledge helps us to make the right decisions.   Many have made wrong choice because of lack of knowledgePlan fail because of lack of advice (Prov.15:22), you need advice to succeed. Seek knowledge and get good advice that will help you to progress. Pride can lead you to failure (Prov.29:23). A proud person does not seek advice and neglect good advice. Lack of planning will lead you to failure. Sit and plan well, get the facts right. Don’t move without facts, you will be wasting time and energy.

Forgetfulness; when you forget your responsibility you fail.  Do what you promised to do.  Keep the promise, agreement and vow you made (Eccl5:4-6).    When you forget and neglect them you will fail. Know who you are and what is required of you. Don’t be unfaithful at your work and relationship. If you want to succeed don’t forget or neglect the Word of God and law of the land. If you forget to plan you will fail.  If you want to succeed, don’t forget God, the law of the land, your duty, promises and agreement. Don’t forget to plan. When you postpone you miss the opportunity.

Friendship; people you associate with can contribute to your success or failure; they can up lift you or bring you down. Be wise in your choicesYou need people who are trustworthy   who can listen, care and advise.   Avoid the wrong company (1Cor15:33) they deceive and discourage you. When you walk with people who have negative attitude they will pull you down. You are likely to fail. If you want to succeed watch your company. Walk with wise, you become wise (Prov13:20), you will become like your friends.  Who are your friends? Are they helping you to succeed?  Choose careful your friend and life partner.  They can bless you or mess you.   Learn to say no to certain people, places and practices.

Fatigue; deception, depression, disappointment and   discouragement can make you tired and lead you to failure. Watch out when you go through the above. Watch your decision when you are tired, many end up making wrong decision which makes them regret later. Every time you feel exhausted, ask God to renew your strength, fatigue happen to everyone, mange yours well. Success requires perseverance. 

 Criticism, opposition, accusation and discouraging messages are bad report that you need oppose.  Bad report frustrates, intimidates and confuses.   When feel low, encourage yourself, remember God’s promises.

By  Syaviha Mulengya



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9 thoughts on “THE 6 FACTORS OF FAILURE 6Fs”

  1. realy it’s good about the 6 facts. we must clean Fear in our life, but have a good faith. God will bless you for the ministrie you’ve got. MASTAKI

  2. im blessed with your message Dear… in fact i was having thoz problems which leads to failure(include: fear,doubt etc). i’ll now make a change and try avoid thoz bad criteria in my life. thanks a lot Pastor. stay Blessed

  3. Hi.. Man of God. This is powerful. Have taken time to go through it and am blessed… “Fear is an enemy of success” this is evident in very many ways. God bless you as you minister to others.

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