1. Protect; We are ambassador of peace; let us live in harmony and peace. Let us encourage people to embrace and value peace. Because peace is precious, let us protect it, let’s not mess hence we will regret. Not pay evil for evil but forgive one other. Be kind, humble and wise. Fight hatred, bitterness, accept one other work together for the sake of peace.   When you lose peace, you will be in pain. Value your relationship.  Don’t destroy what you have built for many years. If you truly love peace you must hate anything that can destroy that peacePeace is the best gifts you can offer to people you love. Once you have peace value it. 
  1. Pursue; make sure there is peace at home and workplace. Pride mess with peace and lead destruction. Be humble and obedient. Think of other people. You have no right to mistreat people. You are not above the law. Control our mind, words, and actions. People, who love peace, always control their actions. Words and actions that are not controlled cause hostility, hatred, havoc, harassment, humiliation and heart attack. It destroys houses and relationships. Words and actions that are controlled bring happiness, healing, hope and harmony. 
  1. Pray for it; pray that peace will prevail, nothing will come to separate us. Jesus Christ is prince of peace; He loves peace and gives peace that surpasses all understanding. Let’s pray that we will have peace every day and when we have peace let’s protected it. The Lord God will help us to identify things that can destroy our peace. Make vow to always seek peace with your fellow men. Together we will experience joy and progressPeople expects peace from you, don’t disappoint them by coming with bitterness, quarrel and hatred. 
  1. Promote; a wise person seeks peace with his fellow men but wicked men bring quarrel between his fellow men. As a wise and good person promote peace, act in way that ensures peace. Be self controlled; always control your emotion, reaction and action. We have a duty to live in peace. Settle our difference, it does not benefit you when live in bitterness, free yourself from bitterness. 
  1. Pacify Create a climate of peace in family, school, work place and everywhere you are. Families and communities that are divided may not be effective. 
  1. Practice it; Small thing can divide good people like you. Handle issues with wisdom and maturity. Think before you act, make the right decision. Be ready to say no to anything that can bring you trouble. 
  1. Passionate for it; if you don’t love peace, you will not seek and  value it, if  you  don’t value peace  you will take  it for  granted.  Try your best to live in peace with yourself, with your fellow men and with God. Be ambassador of peace at home, school, churches, work place and everywhere. 
  1. Preach it speak, sing, spread a message of peace. Everyone needs peace. Let us teach children, young and old the value of peace. Spread a message of love, forgiveness and unity. We are called to live in peace.

By Syaviha Mulengya
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