Where there is No Peace

  1. Pain; life without peace is painful and stressful. A person who has no peace is worried and depressed. A couple that has no peace will complain, cry and curse each other.


  1. Panic; lack of peace brings doubt, discouragement, defeat and depression. A person who has no peace is scared and confused. Quarrel brings down a family, nation and continent. People get tired and frustrated of Hostility.


  1. Problem; a person and a family that has no peace have problem. They are in trouble and dilemma. Conflict subtracts, it brings more problems. A mind that has no peace is full confusion. When there is no peace, it is hard to start, continue and finish something. Lack of peace brings division, separation and anxiety.


  1. Poverty; war and conflict lead to misery, sadness and poverty. Where there is instability there will be no progress either in family and country. Lack of peace is dangerous. Unstable mind cannot think big. Everything starts in the mind. Lack of peace takes people backward.



5.Paralysis; if you are not at peace with one other you cannot walk and work together. Where there is no peace there is intimidation and doubt. The lack of peace in marriage makes a house to be house of quarrel and misunderstanding.  Poor communication brings confusion and disorder. Disagreement can lead to destruction of things.  Things stops working. Lack of peace leads to murder, suicide, discrimination, hatred, division and bitterness.



  1. Pollution; the lack of peace hurt the heart and harms the house. Lack of peace creates wound in people’ lives. It makes a place unsuitable. A place that has no peace, people run from it.



  1. Perplexity, where there is no peace there is confusion. Lack of peace leads to misunderstanding, disorder and fight. People   do the  wrong things  without fear.


  1. Pessimism, the lack of peace  affects a persons’ attitude in negative way.  A person  develops  fear , thinking  that  the  bad things will happen to him or her.  A person lives in doubt and distress. Lack of peace leads to   suspicion.  Lack of  peace affect a person ’s determination,  dream and destiny.

Peace is one the best gift  that you  give to people around  you it brings joy and happiness. If indeed you love your marriage, place of work and country promote peace in it. Peace takes people forward while conflict takes people backward.

By Syaviha Mulengya
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