Where there is peace is there is progress, prosperity, possibility, profit, praise and planning is made possibleLet us talk about 7ps of peace.

  1. Progress, peace is essential for development. Peace brings people together, where there is unity there is progress. Peace unites a couple. It allows a couple to enjoy their marriage, raise children and do great things. Peace makes a family strong and when a family is strong, the church and the nation become stronger. Where there is peace there is freedom. Freedom leads to growth. Freedom of expression is essential for development. Peace helps us to enjoy our resources. Peace allows a family, place and nation to develop and improve.


  1. Prosperity, people invest where there is peace. Investment brings prosperity and development. Peace welcomes health and wealth. Peace brings happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. Conflict discourages but peace encourages. When a person is at peace, he plans and succeeds. Peace brings about confidence but conflict brings fear. Conflict makes what supposed to be a blessing to become a burden.


  1. Possibility, peace comes with opportunities. Quarrels stress the mind, peace allows the mind to think big. When people fight they lose the purpose instead of focusing of the mission, they waste resource, effort and time. Conflict and war suppress innovation and creativity. Peace calls for vision and innovation. A Peaceful place is a place of hope, rest and serenity. Peace allows better distribution of resource.


  1. Planning, with peace you can plant and harvest. Peace sees the future. Peace is key to progress and achievement. For our dream to become a reality we must be at peace with one other. Hatred will not help us but it destroys our dream. Treat people with respect and don’t take them for granted. There is a great joy when you have peace with yourself and people around. You are able to plan and execute your plan. If we really love our family, work place, country we must be agent of peace.


  1. Profit, peace leads to benefits. It is one secret of success. If you start the fight you will lose a lot. Quarrel leads to worry and fear. Quarrel and conflict disappoint and depress but peace leads to prosperity and profits. Where there is peace, people can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Wherever you are create atmosphere of peace. Don’t be known for quarrels and hatred. Where there is misunderstanding promote peace.


  1. Praise, a peaceful place is admired; it is where everyone will like to go. People want to build their home and careers. A Peaceful place is attractive. A dangerous place is avoided. Peaceful people are admired and respected. A person who creates conflict loses respect and credibility. People will eulogize a place that has peace and recommend it for visit and investment.


Peace is very important. Everyone desperately needs peace. It is a key to a happy life. Where there is peace is there is progress, prosperity and possibility. Peace leads to health and wealth. Peace brings happiness to a person, family and nation.  Life without peace is painful and stressful.  When you have no peace, you hurt yourself and harm those around you.  The lack of peace leads to pain, problem, poverty and many evil things. Peace is very crucial in human life; we need it everywhere.  Peace is very precious, we need to protect it, pray for it, promote it, preach it and be passionate about it.

By Syaviha Mulengya
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