Don’t take peace for granted, it is precious, be at peace with yourself and people around you. Seek peace, you will be happy. You are born to bless not hurt.

Peace is precious we need to protect it, pray for it, promote, preach it and be passionate about it.

Quarrel divide people but peace brings people together. Love calls for peace, conflict welcomes fight and hatred, where there is fight there is confusion but where there is peace there is harmony and joy. Anyone who wants progress must love peace. Let us choose peace and hate conflict because peace heals but conflict hurts. Peace unites but conflict divides. Peace cherishes but conflict mistreats, peace builds but conflict destroys; peace promotes good but conflict supports evil. Peace develops but conflict demolishes, peace looks ahead but conflict looks backward. Peace loves humility but hatred is proud, peace is wise conflict is wicked, peace is thankful but conflict ungrateful. Peace encourages but conflict demoralizes. Peace forgives but hatred revenges.

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