Life Has to Continue
If you failed yesterday know you will make it today or tomorrow. Sometimes things don’t go the way we wanted but we need remain strong and focused. Problem comes and goes. When you fall wake up, you don’t have to remain down forever. A winner wakes up after failure. You get nothing when you quit, no one will celebrate a quitter but if you persevere you will surely win and you will be honored. Understand life is not easy, it is a battle than you fight to win, many wants to win but are not ready to fight.

When things don’t work, don’t hate and abuse yourself. Don’t bury your dream, despite hard time, think of your future. Those who end their lives think that there is nothing good left for them. If you focus on the problem, you may feel defeated. Always remember God’s word, way, work and wonders. His word is full of promises, know those promises and claim them. God has been faithful in past; He cannot afford to fail you. Walk by faith not by sight, when you walk by sight you will discouraged, misled, depressed and finally give up, when you walk by faith, you will experience the peace and power of God (2Cor5:7).
Don’t let your present situation make you lose the great things are ahead you. Your past and present may be painful but your future is wonderful. Great ministry, ideas, innovation and businesses were born in hard time. From those the bitter things come a sweet one. Be at peace, you will prosper (Job22:21). If you carry your burden you will be stressed (1Peter5:7).

Despite your hard time, you are born to bless, in you there is great potential. One of the reason you are trouble is because you are very important, the enemy wants to steal, kills and destroy your dream and potential. Joseph’s brothers hate him, wanted to kill him and sold him because of his dream. Let’s kill him… we’ll see what comes of his dreams (Gen37:20). God fought for Joseph, You will not die God will fight for you, You will achieve your dream.

By Syaviha Mulengya


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