There is an answer to your problem. You need to open your eyes to discover the different opportunities and size them. There are things can look small don’t look down on them. Your miracle may be hidden in those small things. Negligence can lead you failure. Keep trying, asking, seeking and knocking you will get the answer (Mat7:7). Furthermore, stop postponing. Today is the day you have been waiting for. Excuses don’t help you but they keep you behind. Some people will always  discourage you; don’t pay attention to their comments. If you allow fear, negligence, doubt and excuses you will miss your miracle. Do  not listen  to nonsense if you  want  to make sense. Some  people will fight you, other  will hate you because of  your dream, be  strong. When you listen  to them  you will lose and regret. Take courage  you are  winner. Do not let anyone  to deceive you. Defend your  dream.

Lies from the devil

The devil is an enemy who plans evil against us. He gives us wrong messages so that we stop trusting in the living God.  We need to beware of the enemy. He wants us to feel useless, hopeless, forgotten, miserable and disappointed.  If we will know the truth, we will resist and conquer the enemy. Let us seek to know God’s word, will and way and be obedient to Him. Then we you will experience His peace, power, promises, presence and provision. Despite your past and present situation, you have   a bright future. Forget the former things and focus on the future (phil3:14) with God you will do wonders, (Dan11:32).

By  Syaviha Mulengya


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