There is Hope

There is hope.

 No matter how big your problem may seem, it is nothing before the almighty God. He has the answer. what  we call  problem is nothing  before  God, Let us not  live as  defeated people but  live  as  winners.  We don’t walk by sight but we walk by faith (2Cor5:7).  Let us not allow what we see and hear scare us. Our God is bigger than those situations we are facing (1john4:4).   Those on our side there are too many (2kings6:16). There is no need to lose hope. Let us confess victory because the battle belongs to God who never fails. Speak without doubt and fear that it shall be well with us because God is able. Victory is ours no matter what people say and think about us. We are winner in Christ Jesus and there is hope for us.

 You will do great exploits even after you have failed (Psalm60:12).  You can rise up from failure and shine.  If you allow failure to blind you, you will be burying your miracleThere is life after failure no need  to   take the wrong decision.  Have faith in God who gives success to those who have failed (Luke5:5-8). Failure is not a new thing or the last things. You have a bright future. God has a good plan to prosper you.

Some people may laugh at you and neglect you because of failure, don’t be   stressedGod is faithful He will make a way for you.  It is not yet your endYou may have failed in your studies, projects, marriage and so on, there is hope for you. Despite your failure you are still very capable, important and useful.  Because God is able, there is hope,



By  Syaviha Mulengya

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  1. hi! nafurahi sana mtumishi unaniongeza ngufu sasa kunagisi unaweza kugeuza hii masomo ktk kiswahili?nashukulu mungu

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