Control  Your Words


To weigh your word is to think before you speak. It is wise and very important (Proverbs 15:28; 18:21). The tongue can kill or promote life. Let us examine the good and bad results that your words can bring to the people around you.


  1. 1.   Words can break and words can Build

Words can serve as weapons or tools; good words are tools for construction and bad words are weapons for destruction. Wise speech gives good results: it builds and solidifies a house and relationships. Moreover, it inspires, motivates, restores and heals a person. Wise speech in sweet to the soul and healthy to the body (Proverbs16:23-24). Lastly, positive and wise words empower people and bring joy.


But words can be used as weapons that destroy hearts and homes (Proverbs 12:26). Harsh and dirty language will have a negative impact on you and people around you (Proverbs 17: 27). First, dirty language brings conflict among people and divides them. Second, bad words discourage people: they pull people down and make them lose focus and hope. Third, dirty language affects one’s physical and emotional health: it threatens the person and makes them sick. Finally, it affects one’s self-esteem. Some people tend to look down upon themselves because of the bad words they heard from their parents, teachers, family members, employers and friends.


One word is enough to build or destroy one’s life. Remember that Everyone Needs Love: for that reason you should learn to appreciate and speak life to people (Ruth 2:13). God gave you the ability to speak, use it wisely. Be an encourager, comforter and peacemaker through your words. Use your words carefully, speak blessing, success and correct in love.


  1. 2.   Words Mess and Bless

Good words direct and bring joy. If your will pay attention to wise speeches, you will live and grow wise (Proverbs4). Next, they will give you guidance and prevent you against evil. Furthermore, they will help you to progress in the right way and do what is right before men and God. Finally, they will help you to be successful in life.


Wrong advice leads to wrong decisions and wrong direction. Corrupted speech leads to disaster and makes a person miserable (Proverbs 16:29). Words that are spoken at a wrong time provoke anger. For that reason, judge what you say, discern what you hear. If you are not wise in your speech you can easily mislead people. Do not talk a lot and also avoid people who talk a lot (Proverbs 20:19). In addition, don’t be a simple minded person, who believes everything.  Don’t be a yes person. Learn to say NO to some things. Examine what you hear and say. Think twice and be wise (Proverbs 14:1-5). Good advice will make you a person of integrity.


  1. 3.   Words Hurt and Heal

Speak love and life to people. Words are like honey that makes the heart happy. Be nice and kind to people, do not underestimate them. The words of the godly can save life and the words of a wise person bring healing (Proverbs 12.6). Are you a parent, teacher or employer? Then you should learn to control your tongue. Value the people you are with; they are wonderful people. They expect love and deserve respect. They need you and you need them.


Boaz is a suitable illustration. When he first met Ruth, he encouraged her. He also spoke life and blessing to her without knowing that she will become his wife (Ruth 2:8-13; 4; 13). Appreciate those people you meet, seek to heal their wounds if they are hurting and encourage them if they are low. Be a source of joy and hope. Let people feel encouraged when they see, hear, meet and eventually remember you.


  1. 4.   Words Menace  and  Motive

Words are important resources that many people like to misuse. When you don’t use your words wisely, they become dangerous. Your words are the only thing that will be remembered even in your absence. Great men left behind words that are inspiring and encouraging people to this day. Do not take your words lightly. Remember: From the fruit of his lips a man enjoys good things (Proverbs 13:2).  Motivate and inspire the hopeless. If people learn to use their words wisely, we will have less conflicts, war, divorce and misunderstandings. Your words determine the quality of life you live. They make you to be accepted or rejected.


By  Syaviha Mulengya



Promoting peace, hope, love and unity



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