Forgive Yourself

When   you fail, don’t be bitter, lose hope, hate yourself and other people but accept the situation, plan again, encourage yourself and move onWe all make mistakes. Refuse to dwell in the past and be your own enemy.  Guilty can destroy you and reduce your effectiveness. The best way to deal with sin is to truly confess, repent and believe God’s forgiveness (1John1:9)God forgives and never remembers. Once forgiven, rejoice and thank God. When you are reminded of your past failure, mistakes and sin say without fear and doubt I am forgiven and I am free.

Moving on With Hope

When you are hurt, you need to decide to move on. Life has to continue despite the challenges, failure and unfair treatment.  Despite the hard time your future is bright.  Life is a learning experience, learn from your mistakes and move. In addition, you are not the first one to be hurt; people have gone through the same hard situation. When you are hurt, upset, wake up, walk and work. When a man deceives you or  a woman dumps you, it does not mean that women or men are bad. Don’t lose faith, hope and courage. Stop being negative, think and speak positively,  (don’t say I will never ….) .It is not your end it is a beginning of a new thing.

A winner is never scared of failure. Don’t allow fear and doubt to control you because of the past experience. Let faith, hope, courage and hard work be your motto. You will get better than what you lost if you persevere. Be grateful not regretful. 

You have a bright Future

When you are hurt, cry, wipe your tear and move on. Don’t keep crying, it will not change what happened. The more you cry you will feel miserable and depressed. Don’t carry your bitterness burry them. You are heading to a bright future don’t bring your burden. Free yourself from that burden of bitterness. Your future is not dark despite the deception. Your future is bright so do what is right; forgive and be free. Don’t barricade your own road. Live it free. Take heart the journey is too long. Forget what is behind and focus on what is ahead (Phil3:13).


By  Syaviha Mulengya



Promoting peace, hope, love and unity 

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