Forgive Your Partner

Forgiveness in a Relationship

None of you is an angel. For you to live together in peace there is need to forgive one another.  Let love lead your relationship. Your dream was to live together in peace and harmony but there is enemy who seeks to divide you and separates you so that you don’t enjoy your marriage or relationship.  Bear with one other and be kind and caring (Col3:12-14). Keeping a record of evil   will keep you from enjoy your marriage.  It will lead you to complain about your partner. You will feel you chose the wrong person. When you love, then forgive you will build your marriage or relationship. You will enjoy it, you will bless and encourage other people and You will glorify God.   

You are precious

When you don’t forgive you will mistreat, abuse, hate, and lack respect to your partner. You will be hurting instead of healing. You and partner deserve   to be happy and enjoy the best. Is God happy about your marriage; is your relationship encouraging or discouraging? No one has a right to mistreat anyone, when you do so it is because of hatred. You are both precious and marriage , relationship are very important.  Be ready and willing to ask forgiveness, this solves problem, it is a sign of wisdom and humility.

A wise and humble person forgives and asks forgiveness.  You will achievement good things if you choose to forgive. Love, forgiveness, understanding and caring will spice up your marriage.   If you have accepted to live together then choose to forgive. Forgiveness is key a happy relationship. It opens door of blessing and success. It is the key to progress. Lack of forgiveness will make your prayer not be answered. Your partner deserves to be loved and be forgiven. Small things can build   and destroy a relationship.  Your marriage is special gift that you need to be protected .Work hard to make it work.

By  Syaviha Mulengya


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