Danger of lack of forgiveness

It can cost you a lot when you don’t forgive. You can waste time, money and resources. When you don’t forgive yourself, you will be stressful and worried. You will end up making the wrong   choice and decisions that will affect you and people around you.  Let talk about 12 Rs  showing danger of  lack of forgiveness.

Revenge – It pays evil for evil. It hurts and breaks family, business, ministry and marriage.

Rage – leads to anger, bitterness and hatred.

Reckless  – Directs to carelessness, uncontrolled temper and irresponsible action.

Rip – Divides, separates the best and close friends. It leads to unhappy marriage and divorces.

Reduction – it decreases courage, trust and commitment. It causes   lack of sleep.

Regret- it causes complains lamentation, anguish, sorrow and worry.

Relent – it discourages, demoralizes, defeats and it leads to giving up

Revolt – it results in to rebellion, immorality and abuses.

Resist – it can cause opposition. It can make one to refuse to listen and obey.

Restless – it can result in lack of peace, joy, trust and sleep.

 Renounce – one can quit his dream and reject his own friends, family members.

Remorse – when one does not forgive himself, he will be guilty and ashamed of himself.

Don’t hurt

Seek peace and live in harmony (1Peter3:11). Whatever you want people to do for you do it for them (Matt7:12). Act in love and respect. You are created to bless and not hurt. Weigh your words, control your action. Whatever, you do let it please God and build and bless people (Eph5:10, Col3:16-17).


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