Play your part well for peace  to prevail

1.Protect peace, Living without peace is living in pain and problems. Control your  thoughts, words and actions.   Everything starts in the mind. You  need  to make sure that you  control all the  thoughts  that  are  in your mind. Weigh your  words, words  that  are not  controlled  cause  havoc. You  need  to choose  your words wisely. Speak with  love and  show  respect. Chose  your  words wisely.  Think before  you  speak and  act,  your  actions  can lead you  to the wrong  side of  life.  

2.  Pray for it, ask God to give you peace and pray for peace with other people (Psalms 122:6). Jesus  is   the prince of peace, He  gives  lasting peace that  surpasses all understanding. That  is  why  we need to ask  Him to  give us peace.  The  secret we need is  Christ in our hearts, He will give peace  that  we will spread  to  other people.

3. Promote it, Be peaceful  and kind to people (Romans 14:10). Where  you are,  spread  peace, act in the wise    Do  not  overreact, certain  things  are  better  if  they are  ignored. The more you  think of  who  hurt you, the more you  become bitter and feel broken.  You need to  have a  soft heart that is  willing  to  forgive, when  you hurt, do not pay  evil  for  evil, always be kind  and  bear  with people. Respect other people. Remember,   people expect  respect, treat them  with love.

4. Preach it: speak, write and teach about peace wherever you are (Ephesians 2:17). Teach peace in different  forums and  Encourage people  to  impress  peace and live in love, this  way we will be  able  to  enjoy  our lives and  live a  fulfilled life.  Let  people understand the importance of peace. No  matter  the  age, preach to  them peace,  it is  no too early or  too late  to learn  about peace.

5. Passionate about it: be an agent of peace, have a great desire  for peace, seek peace with yourself and  the  people around. Make effort to make  sure  peace prevails.  Act  wisely and be  Peace is  precious  and a priority,  work hard  for it  to happen, make sure all is well. Seek peace with  yourself and other people. You  have a very  important  role  to play for  peace  to prevail. Peace starts  with  you and me. We need to understand we  cannot operate without peace.

6.Pursue peace: settle any difference that  you may  have, in order  for  peace will prevail,  initiate conversation, do not wait  for someone  to apologize for you  to  forgive him or her. Be willing  to  say  sorry, learn  also  to recognize other  people ‘s work and learn to  value people  and  what  they have. Anyone  who may  have  offended you, reach out  to  them.  Set a good example  in your  behavior and what  you  do. Seek peace and pursue it (Psalm34:14).

By Syaviha Mulengya
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