COUNT YOUR  BLESSINGS , BE  GRATEFUL 8 ways  of  being  happy 8 Cs



8 ways  of  being  happy  8Cs


Focusing on your blessing, is counting them and having an attitude of gratitude, it is  the secret of peace and progress. People who are  grateful are generally happy. Ungrateful people become bitter and break people’s heart by their behavior.  Appreciate   God for what He has given   you, do not take it for granted.  When you  are  grateful  you will be:

  1. Content , you will be thankful.
  2. Calm, you will experience  peace.
  3. . Comfort, you  will encourage and inspire other people.
  4. Conquer complaints and comparison.
  5. Carry on with your work and become more productive. The secret of  enjoying your work is  being grateful.
  6. Confident, counting your  blessing is  a good  habit that  helps your  attitude and  character.
  7. . Cheer up,  It brings   joy, it  helps  you to be in  a good mood.    It  helps  your emotions and  enhance  relationships.
  8. Cause  us to praise  God, give thanks and rejoice in the Lord (1Chronicles16:8, Psalms 32:11).  Stop complaining.  Focusing on your blessing helps your physical, spiritual, social and emotional life.  Complaining will make  you bitter, sad and  angry. You  start developing hatred and  jealousy.

It is  very  important  in life, to  focus on your  blessing.  You  will discover that  you are a  blessed and  a special person. Start praising  God  for what  you have instead of  complaining of  what you are  lacking.

By Syaviha Mulengya
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