Live in Love.

In order  to  live  a  fulfilled  life, one needs  to love himself or herself,  love your Maker, love  your  neighbour, love what  you have. Love  yourself.  Love  does  great things to a person. Love  enables you to accept  yourself  and  accept the other  people the way  they are.  If  you  do not accept yourself it is hard  to be happy and  excel  in life. Despite  your past and shortcomings, you need  to  know  that  you are  a special person. Love leads to great things


  1. Healing, love restores health, improves the health, it is good for your well being.  People  have  wounds  and  these  wounds  can be healed  by  love. People are  looking for love, because  everyone needs love.


  1. Happiness, love is the source of joy and secret of success. Love helps you to become the  best  and the  right person. It helps you  achieve great things in your life. Love brings happiness, joy, excitement and peace of  mind that makes  one  live a  fulfilled life.



  1. Hope, loves sees  the  future, it creates a  bright future for you.  Love motivates people in  doing and  being the best.


  1. Honour, where there is no honour there is no respect and appreciation.

Love  helps  you  to be confident,  have  compassion, correct, care and comfort other people. Love  overcomes evil  with good,  Love helps  to improve  where you went  wrong. Learning will help  where  you  are and  where  you  go,  It helps  you in your social  and spiritual  life.


By Syaviha Mulengya
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