How  to choose  the best  friends

You need  to know  who  you are,  what is  your purpose, passion and plan and have a principle  that will guide you  in choosing the right people. I will suggest that  you choose the right  and the best people as your  friends.

Choose a person  who  is

1.Honest, a person who is reliable and respectable and responsible, a person who  will tell you the  truth  and  will  not hide anything that  can help  you.

2. Humble, a person who is concerned of other people, caring, courteous, compassionate, content, considerate and cooperative.

3. Hopeful;  a person who has  dreams, who make the right decision, who is ambitious, aspiring for  big things and desires  to achieve his dreams .

4.Helpful, considerate, caring and confident. A person who can  offer you  a guideline. Friendship  consists of  giving and receiving.  You need  to be useful  to one another.

5.Happy, a person who is pleasant, cheerful, content, cannot complain, competes  with you  and make  you  laugh.  A person you feel  comfortable  with you. Accept the  way  you  are and is willing  to help you  grow and succeed.

6.Harmonious, a person who values peace,  who is  ready to  forgive  and willing  to  ask  for forgiveness.

7. Heartwarming; a person  who  can  uplift you,  who is grateful, who values your time, input and effort in their lives. A person who is inspiring, encouraging and loving. A person who is concerned  about your  well being, who knows how to  say thank you, sorry and  how are  you  doing.


Friends  have   great benefits  and play a very  crucial  role  in  your life  and help  you to be a  good and wonderful person. Think twice and  be wise.

By Syaviha Mulengya
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