The  danger of  lack of purpose

How  you spend your  time and resource,  will speak a lot about  yourself. Lack of purpose  is  dangerous  to you  and the people around.  Without  a purpose  you will not  enjoy  what  you have.  There are  several dangers of  living  without a purpose;


Living without purpose is living in uncertainty,  you  become scared  and doubtful.  You wonder why  you live. You see no reason for life.  You  do not  value your life  and make life hard  for other people.   You live an unfulfilled life, when  you  miss  your purpose, you mess up  with your life.  You   become disordered and disorganized. You become miserable and mislead  many people because  you are lost.  You  waste your  time and resource. You become  confused. You are  distracted because  you  have no proper direction, hence  you become  discouraged. Without  a purpose  you  feel  bored,   you  lack  courage, commitment, confidence  and calm in your life.


  1. Problem

People who  have no purpose  create problems for other people. Some of  them are full of  hatred  and  bitterness.  They  fight  and create  trouble in the  society.  Living without purpose is  like  driving on   the  wrong side, you cause trouble and problem to other people. Instead of helping people  you  stress them.  Instead of  leading you mislead,  instead of  healing  you  you are  hurting them. You were created  to do  what is  good, when  you  do not  do it,  your  trouble people  with your life. You are  a problem solver. Without purpose,  you complicate things,  make  people suffer.


  1. Pity

Without  a purpose  you live  a life of regret, you feel sorry for yourself,  you  feel  unhappy. You  are fed up of  life.  You become miserable. You  feel useless. You  hate  yourself and people  around  you. You  see  as if  the world is  against  you. You live a  life of  sorrow and stress.  You are always  sad. You  have  nothing  to  celebrate.


 4. Passive

You  become  inactive, you  see no  reason to wake  up, no  reason to plan and become indolent. You become  idle,  lazy and  disorganized.  You  become  a parasite and  depend on other people’s effort.  You  stop  using  your brain, senses and  gifts.  You  cannot  use  your brain to  think  and  act right. You live  for  the present, you see no future.


  1. Pessimist

Without purpose, you become lost, you live with a negative attitude,  see  failure in many  things.  You are scared, you  declare  defeat  even before the  battle.  You complain  and blame other people  for  your mistake. You believe that bad  things  will happen to  you. You imagine evil instead of  good. You have low spirit, you see bad things in people’s lives. You are unhappy. You are discouraged, hopeless and distrust.


  1. Poor thinking

Your mind is your engine,  when  you  have no purpose, the mind sees no  reason, the mind  creates and imagines the wrong  things.  You  misuse your imagination. You have a poor mind that produces a bad result,  thinks evil, does evil, speaks evil and  acts in the  wrong way. You become bitter and full of hatred  towards people,  you plan evil and  act with bad motives. You  pretend to be  good inside you, you  have things going on. Instead of being a  brother’s keeper, you become a brother’s killer.


Your  purpose helps  you  to  wake up,  work hard  and act smart. Your purpose will motivate you to do great things. You  know  who you are and what  you  want  in life. Purpose helps to have a sense of accomplishment. It helps  you to push, press on and persevere despite  the  challenges. Purpose  fuels  your life towards great things.

By Syaviha Mulengya
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