Advice for Life, the 6Ss
1. Start
Anyone who wants to succeed must decide start. To succeed one must make steps towards success. Start small and somewhere; don’t neglect your small beginning, you will reach where you dreamed to be. God blesses small thing, He increases them, and they bring out good result.

Start with hope, not with despair
Start with courage, not with fear
Start with faith, not with doubt
Start with excitement, not with sadness
Start with determination, not with hesitation
Start with gratitude, not with complaints.
Start with God, Who is a source of success.

Begin with a clear vision, knowing where you are going and why you are going there and how you will get there. Stand the heat and refuse to quit, when it is hot, hold on. The beginning may be hard, decide to persevere. A winner perseveres the heat and hits the target. Success is expensive, be ready to pay the price .What you get after sweat it sweet and you can sustain it.

Fear, doubt, excuses, complaints, past failure, will only blind you and make you not to start. Take a risk, you will accomplish and have a testimony. Those who have achieved today, they were insulted, and despised yesterday. Whatever you have in your mind do it with courage (2Sam7:3).

2. Serve
You are useful and your contribution is needed, with what you have you can perform wonders. Use your potential, don’t hide and sleep on them. You can do something good. You can make a difference and leave a legacy.

Serve with commitment and courage. Invent, improve and initiate. Your work needed be remembered.

Never mess with opportunity. Love your work and value people. Your motto should be doing the best to all. Your commitment will earn you respect and inspire people. Never mistreat, discriminate against and abuse people because of your position. Fear God, be faithful. (Mat25:20-21). Never give up in doing good. Your work will bless and build many lives.

3. Select
Your choice can make or break you. Consult God who knows everything (Pslam32:8) and seek good advice. Discern your way and think of your future. Good choices bring peace and joy while the bad one leave one worried, scared, discouraged, depressed and guilty. Don’t rush in making very important choices, think before you act. Choose wisely your career, partner and friends, they can either mislead or lead you. Learn to say no to certain things, don’t be a yes person who agrees with everything. Judge what you hear. There is a way that looks good, but may lead to death (Prov14:12). Don’t hurt yourself trying to please people. Ask yourself, is this the best choice, does it please God, will my family be happy, can ask God to bless it?

4. Submit
Submission is obedience. Firstly, obedience brings blessing and joy. Secondly, submission opens doors of blessing and improve your reputation. Thirdly, submission leads to success, conquer pride, promote peace and unity. Fourthly, it is a quality and characteristic of wise people. Humility builds when arrogance destroys. Lack of submission leads to negligence, careless, failure and regret. Furthermore, it can lead to quarrel and misunderstanding. Consequently, you can lose your job, marriage and friends. Submission is a solution, settle for it. No matter what be submissive. Plan fail because of lack of advice (Prov15:22), a humble person accepts good advice.

Submit to what is good not evil. The humble person finds favor before God and people. Humility and fear of God lead to riches, honor, and long life (Proverbs 15:33).

5. Seek
Seek Knowledge.
1. It will open your eyes and strengthen you,
2. It will prepare you the future.
3. It will help you make wise and right decision.
4. It will equip you, make you effective.
5. Knowledge will help you solve certain problems. To fight ignorance seeks knowledge.

Be willing to learn new ideas and share what you know. Don’t laugh at those who don’t know help them to discover and come out of ignorance. You have received from many also inspire and teach many. If you apply the knowledge, it will make you effective. Don’t brag about how much you know, but apply the much you know to make a positive impact.

Seek to know God’s word, way and will. The word of God teaches touches and transforms. You will walk without fear and conquer frustration. Delight in the Lord, you will enjoy His blessing (Psalm37:3).

6. Sow
Think of your future now and plan well. Sow on time and plant the right seed, if you want to harvest. We live once. Life is short. Time does not wait for anyone. Your life is precious and need good preparation. Don’t mess with your present is a very important gift. You are heading to a bright future, don’t look behind (Phil3:13). Don’t shelve what you can do today.

By Syaviha Mulengya,

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  1. Good document and very encouraging thanks for helping people to realize their dreams and know the right path to follow

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