Faithful Father or Failed Father, The Roles of a Father The 5Ps

Faithful Father or Failed Father

Characteristic of Failed father, Frustrate the children, Forget his role; Frighten his children, Fight and Fool his children
Faithful father; fulfill his role, Foster the peace in family, Fortify his children, Forgive and Facilitate them.
“It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father” said,
– Pope John XXIII

Father is the head, as a leader he plays a very important role in the family and society. The role can be summarized in 5ps which, Plan, Provider, Protect, Play, and Praise. Fathers need to know that society expects a lot from them. Many problems in society can be traced to the fact the fathers fail to fulfill their responsibility as leaders. As leaders fathers need to watch what they say, do and think. The question that every father should ask, which example am I setting for my children?

The role of father

A father is visionary; instill the vision in his children. Every father must plan for his family. Without plan, a family will be in trouble. He must make wise decisions. Father must share his expectation with children. Prepare children for the future. Help them to be responsible, independent people and problem solver. As a father you are leader and raising powerful leaders, you need to know your role is very important. You are raising great and powerful people. How are you preparing your children?

A father must be aware of his children needs and meet them. He must also provide a direction and principle to his family, without a direction the family can get into a mess. As a provider, his presence will highly help the children emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically. Help your children make the right decision. A father must know you are raising responsible citizen. A father you is a teacher and role model.

A real father is one who primary concern is safety of his children. Knowing that children can be physically, psychologically, emotionally abused. In addition, the father must offer financial security. Father who sleeps on his job he put his family at risk.
Father must be responsible, loving and faithful, caring both to his wife and children. Daughter learns from their father what a man is, and son is inspired by his father what man does. Son learns how to be man and treat women. It is hurt breaking for both the mother and children live without their father. Especially when the father fails to fulfill his responsibility. The absence of the father can result into bitterness, anger, rejection and abuse.

Playing with them. He will be able to identify their gifts and talents. One the thing a child long for is love from his parent. Correct them in love, discipline them with care and understanding. When the father are playing with his children He can be able know their feeling, fear, frustration, fantasy and future plans. Work with them, give them your time, they desperately need you. Guide them in their game. Instill some lessons during the game. Children learn better in games.
A father needs to learn, in order to teach and lead. He will be able to instruct, train, and guide his family in right direction.

A father must appreciate his children, identify their talents and nature them. The more you praise, you earn trust and build confidence. By praising you help them to have positive attitude towards life. They feel they are very important. Praise them help them to act in responsible way. When the children are praise they do better, and able to nature their skill. Fathers who always criticize his children affect them negatively.

When father fail in their responsibilities they frustrate their children and they put the society at risk. Being a father is very important calling and unique responsibility. Children look at you for help, support and guidance, how can you guide them when yourself you are lost. Your words as a leader should not contradict your action. Lead by example. Show your children love. Love is the best gift that you offer to your children. It builds, inspires, encourages, and helps children to grow with confidence. Withdraw your love from your children is hurting them. Discipline should be with love and respect. Their skills without character will hurt the society. If they do evil or good the first question people will ask whose child is he or she.
Father are playing very important role but they are not appreciated and celebrated. Everyone needs appreciation. We need to recognize their effort, praise them for their contribution. Fathers may not be perfect but they deserve recognition. Today take an effort to thank the fathers in your life and father of your children for the good things they have done. Send them a text, gift and note.
By Syaviha Mulengya. Journalist, Author, musician and Promoter of Peace.

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