Your radio programs have changed my life, I was about to committed suicide, God is good, I listened to your radio message “there is hope”. I stopped my evil plans. I don’t want to miss these radio programs. May God bless you and your plans.
– Kavugho Mulayi

We were about to divorce, after reading your brochure Men are crying and Women are weeping. It helped us solve our differences, now we are enjoying our marriage. I have shared it with many of my friends. I recommend that every couple read this brochure. Thanks man of God, God bless your work.
– Leah

Every day my household listens to your radio message, they have been an encouragement to us they have helped to be united in the family and live with hope. Thank you man of God.
-Kasereka Katsuva.

After you said that there was hope, I took a step of faith, Indeed I have seen God in my life, I went to University without money, God provided. May God increase you and bless your family.
-Gazel Kane et Cornel

Your messages are short and unique. They have changed the way I view life. I don’t look at myself as a failure but a winner in Christ. After listening to your radio messages I gave my life to Christ, and got baptized, thanks for showing me the way because I was lost but now I know the truth.

I was facing a serious problem, after losing my husband; I knew that my life has reached the end. After listening to your messages I was encouraged. You prayed for me and God worked in my life and got a breakthrough.
-Eunice Mlovi

I love your messages because you don’t attack religion. You preach the Word of God. Your message is for every one whether rich or poor. I love the way your refer to the audience as mtu wa maana, very important person. You are a man of God, May God meet your needs.
-Muhindo Nzoli

Thank you pastor for being an inspiration and adviser, I love your radio message, your music and literature they have really changed and helped. One thing I know God is able and will do great things in my life .God bless you.
– Evelyn

Being a pastor, you have been an encouragement to me. After preaching to other people I also need ministers like you to preach to me. Your messages have helped me in my ministry. God bless your ministry.
– Pastor Mahamba

You are surely a man of God; The Holy Spirit is working in you. It is like you know what I am going through, every time I listen to your message they answer my questions, they have helped me live in peace and joy.

Since I started listing to your radio messages I don’t like miss them. They are practical and relevant. You teach the Word of God the way it should be taught. You speak with wisdom .I am encouraged by what you are doing.

I listen to your message with passion and love reading your literature. Every time I listen and read you I experience great joy and peace in my life, please continue spreading the Word of God, He will reward you mightily.

You may not know how you have helped me I am very grateful. I felt like I had reach the end but after reading your message I have renew strength and able to stand against the plan of the devil.

Your message truly encourages they have healed me. After going through a lot, they have helped to regain faith and trust in God. I am new person. My love for Christ has increased. Thanks Dad, you are indeed a Dad to me.

Every time I listen to there is Hope, I feel blessed and encouraged. I have encouraged fellow staff and my students to be listening, they are also enjoying them. Thanks for accepting to be used of God, May the Lord continue to bless you and family.
– Kalendi

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