Peace with your Partner, the  7Ss

A happy marriage is peaceful. Your marriage should not be a burden but a blessing.  Seek peace with your partner you will have peaceful marriage.  Your marriage is one of your priorities, make it work.  Put your effort and knowledge in your marriage. Small things can build and destroy a marriage.  Love and obey your partner. Be a source of joy and encouragement and treat your partner with dignity. Communication, Commitment, Care and Collaboration are keys to healthy marriage. Humility builds marriage but pride destroys it.

Ways of seeking peace with your partner.

  1. Settle any difference.
  2. Surrender to God.
  3. Serve and support one another.  
  4. Seek knowledge, learn on how you can be a better partner.
  5. Select your words carefully and choose the right company.
  6. Sit and talk.
  7. Share your feelings, frustration and fear. You got married to live in peace. Make your partner happy. Their happiness is your happiness.

By Syaviha Mulengya
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