You are part of solution to the problem in your marriage. You can settle it. Problems in marriage don’t mean the end of marriage. Happy marriages also have up and down .They disagree but they settle their differences. Many have killed their marriages because they refuse to settle the differences. Don’t give up on your marriage. Find a solution to what stresses and scares you.   Many started well but along the way something went wrong.  You need to find out what went wrong.  Swallow your pride; if you want solve your problem. Blame game is making many marriages unhappy. Many look for answers elsewhere when solutions are around them.  You can revive your marriage (Rev2:4-5).  There is hope for your marriage, nothing is too hard for God (Mark10:27).  Reason together (Isaiah1:18).  Where there is unity there is success.  Stop the attitude that it can never work.  Do your best to make it work. You will have peace and enjoy your marriage. Find a solution, forgive, forget and focus on the future.

Seek Solutions

Paying evil for evil breaks your marriage. Overcome evil with good. Pray for who mistreats you and leave revenge to God (Rom12:17-21).  Revenge leads animosity which later destroys marriage.  Don’t let sun go down when you are still angry (Eph4:26). Open up, seek counsel from wise people. Many counselors bring success (Prov15:22). Many have succeeded at work but have terrible fail at home. Be willing to accept your mistakes, when you hurt your partner say sorry, ask forgiveness and be ready to forgive.

By Syaviha Mulengya
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